Black and White Photography

Fine Art B&W Photography

Black and White Photography, BW takes intensive skill and techniques to achieve the desired black and white effect of photos.

We see color everywhere, our emotions, moods and hues of nature. We are amazed with our surroundings, sunsets, gardens, lights, and other bright shades. But black and white photography is an art that can reach your elicit feelings.

Black and White / BW Photography is the most creative and popular form of art photography. BW easily attracts people because of its creative and artistic look.

It has been known that black and white photography have nostalgic elements. This photography requires understanding intensively the effect of light and shadow.

In portrait black and white photographs, facial expressions or emotions are portrayed perfectly.

Right or appropriate techniques to achieved the desired effect for black and white photography. It is about having a creative mind and idea to capture a photograph with impact.

Mahmoud Marei is the founder, visual artist and professional photographer of Graphite Studio with over 15 years of experience in photography.